Pilot Rust Remover

Rust Remover: For Qualified Aeroplane & Helicopter Pilots

Familiarity is a good thing when it comes to flying. The more familiar we are with the aircraft, the airfield, the airspace, the procedures, the route, and the weather, the more confident we will be when we finally get to the fun part, taking off and flying. Too much familiarity, however, is not such a good thing. Confidence comes from familiarity but can easily turn into complacency. The line between the two is very thin.

Over reliance on technology for flight planning and navigation purposes is common place these days for many pilots, just turn on Sky Demon, tap and go, is a very dangerous philosophy. What happens if the battery fails or the military are performing a jamming exercise and the satellite signal is lost? Did you plan the route manually on a paper based chart just in case? Did you do the mass and balance or a performance calculation? It’s a legal requirement. So many of us forget.

As its name suggests, our PPL Rust Remover course has been designed to address all of these issues and blow away the proverbial cobwebs, remove the rust and polish your planning skills! Reacquaint yourself with the techniques and procedures once acquired on your PPL Ground School course covering:


Heading, Ground Speed, Distance, Time and Fuel Planning.

Flight Planning:

Mass & Balance, Performance Calculations & Route Planning


Hazardous Weather Phenomena, METARs, TAFs, Forms 214 & 215

Operational Procedures:

Wake Vortex, Forced Landings, Ditching & Fire Drills

Principles of Flight:

Load Factor, Stalling, Spiral Dives and Spinning

All of our courses are delivered by extremely talented, patient and enthusiastic instructors who are both qualified teachers and professional pilots with a wealth of operational experience.

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Course Information

Course Overview

A structured theoretical & practical course covering all aspects of ground school for the PPL holder.


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  • Navigation
  • Flight Planning
  • Meteorology
  • Ops Procedures
  • Principles of Flight
  • Software Applications
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Special Offer

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Course Dates:

22nd November 2021

20th December 2021

Course Price:

PPL Rust Remover: £299

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