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Communications: Aeroplanes & Helicopters

Course Duration: 1 Day with the exam taken at the end of the course.

The Communications course is designed to help you pass the VHF Communications examination and to provide you with practical advice and assistance in learning and using radiotelephony (RT) skills. The course is ideal for the beginner who has no knowledge of RT and wants to have fun learning RT skills and techniques. The qualified pilot, who wishes to refresh existing skills, will also find it informative and fun too.

The Great Circles Communications course is based on the United Kingdoms Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Civil Air Publication (CAP) 413, the definitive standard for RT in the UK and many other countries throughout the world. The course is designed to ensure that you will be throughly familiar with the general RT procedures associated with a VFR flight. The course will also meet all the requirements of the EASA-FCL theoretical knowledge learning objectives for the VHF Communications practical examination.

A wide variety of RT transmissions are covered in the course. In addition you will have the opportunity to make radio calls yourself. The course covers such things as Air Traffic Services Outside Of Controlled Airspace (ATSOCAS), Air Traffic Control (ATC) services, communications in military airspace, the control of aircraft wishing to penetrate danger areas and aspects of the emergency service which are particular to the UK.

All of our courses are delivered by extremely talented, patient and enthusiastic instructors who are both qualified teachers and professional pilots with a wealth of operational experience. We care about your needs and particular learning style.

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Course Overview

Structured, high quality lectures covering all aspects of the PPL Communications syllabus. Examinations sat daily.


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  • Fundamentals
  • Airspace
  • Aerodromes
  • Emergency Calls
  • ATC Services
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Special Offer

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Course Dates:

3rd & 17th June

8th & 22nd July

5th & 19th August

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Aeroplane: £149

Helicopter: £149

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