Don't let distance stop you getting the best Ground School!

Live a long way from Halifax, West Yorkshire? Don’t worry! Depending on the distance, we might be able to offer you a discount of up to £149 off the cost of your course price! This could pay for your accommodation and travel.

Remember, we’re the best in the business, so don’t let the distance between us put you off. After all, who wants to be travelling to and from a school in or around London and the Southern counties every single day of their course? Not only is this very time consuming, it’s also tiring and detracts from your learning. Being fresh and well rested each day is reflected in your overall performance and results.

Our venue is within 0.5 miles of a myriad of hotels, b&b’s and Air BnB rooms! We offer free parking for the duration of your stay. Drive once to get here, and once to get home, simple. Forget about the car and the horrible commutes each day.

On average we find that people perform better in their exams when they have either no commuting or a very short commute. It’s also a good idea to get away from the distraction of work and other commitments in your life for a few days. Totally immerse yourself in aviation and really enjoy the experience! It’s what flying and training to be a Pilot is all about.

We have people attending our courses on a regular basis from as far away as New Zealand, Asia, the United States and from all over Europe. So, if some people are prepared to go to the extremes of crossing oceans to see us, what does that tell you about us?

Depending on where you live and course enrolled for, you could qualify for a whopping £149 travel & accommodation allowance deducted off your course price. We couldn’t possibly be any fairer than that! Please see our terms and conditions for this offer.

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