Flight Guardian. For when it gets tough up there.

Flight Guardian

Flight Guardian is a first of a generation of disruptive cockpit technology, part funded by NATEP, to improve the safety of aircraft and their occupants.

The Flight Guardian project exploits a number of recent innovations in technology to create a novel cockpit warning system that will help mitigate human pilot error, thereby improving safety and reducing the accident rates in aviation. Specific technologies to be integrated include body worn cameras (acting as a second pair of ‘robotic eyes’ reading cockpit displays) integrated with small but powerful tablet computers. 

The cameras and computers process the data they have ‘read’ from the cockpit in order to generate warnings and provide advice to the pilot should a range of potentially hazardous or dangerous scenarios start to develop.

The system will be of particular benefit to detect anomalies that may be missed by an inexperienced pilot, or even when an experienced pilot has elevated stress levels when dealing with faults or emergencies.

It will produce warnings for the pilot and offer advice on a course of mitigating action to take to prevent accidents.