A.D.A.M. Aviation Data Acquisition & Management.

A.D.A.M. Aviation Data Acquisition & Management

So, you’re a Pilot. You have a licence and a logbook. Your aircraft will have a technical log.

Residing in your Pilot’s licence you’ll have:

    •    Your actual Pilots Licence

    •    Certificate of Revalidation

    •    Ratings Certificate(s)

    •    Radio Licence

    •    Medical Certificate

Residing in your logbook you’ll have:

    •    Date & Time

    •    Command Time

    •    Instructional Time

    •    Air Exercises

    •    Aircraft Types

    •    Departure/Destination Airports

    •    Remarks & Observations

Residing in your aircrafts technical log you’ll have:

    •    Date & Time

    •    Crew Data

    •    Exercises

    •    Engine Start & Stop

    •    Hobbs Hours

    •    Total Time

    •    Defects

    •    Rectifications

    •    Engineering Notes

Wow. That’s a lot of data to manage. Have you ever considered the consequences of losing this data, or perhaps worse still, mismanaging it? Ask yourself these questions:

"What would happen if my medical was invalid and I operated a flight as Pilot in Command"?

"What would happen if my licence or ratings had expired and I operated a flight as Pilot in Command"?

"What would happen if I lost my logbook"?

"What would happen if I don’t have my bi-annual instructional flight and don’t have my logbook and revalidation certificate signed and I operated a flight as Pilot in Command"?

"What are the consequences for me if I don’t fill in the aircrafts technical log or make an error on it"?

These are just a few questions that could have extremely serious consequences for a Pilot, especially if they are unfortunate enough to be involved in an incident or accident from which there is an investigation by the Civil Aviation Authority, Air Accident Investigation Branch or your insurance company.

ADAM (Aviation Data Acquisition & Management) is a secure database that manages all of this data and much more. It can even store your pictures or video footage from a particular flight! It is far more robust and secure than a box-standard smartphone or tablet logbooks that are available in their millions on the Apps store!

ADAM provides advanced warnings relating to the revalidation or renewal of any licences, ratings, or medicals, as well as warnings of impending aircraft annuals or interim service inspections.

ADAM has smart analysis tools that can perform many functions and calculations related to your hours, aircraft type(s), engineering and inspections.

ADAM is an online system that is both secure and can be readily accessed from anywhere you have a web connection, literally from any smartphone, tablet or desk-top computer.

Let’s make written logbooks and technical logs a thing of the past. Store your data with ADAM and rest assured that it’s always in safe hands.

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