Flight Training Problems?

Flying School not delivering? Get your money back. All of it!

The boom in commercial flight training fuelled by Boeing and Airbus’s forecast demand for Airline Pilots, and consequently, Flying Instructors, has in many cases, lead to sub-standard flight training programmes. It’s simple economics, supply isn’t meeting demand.

If you're stuck in a rut with your flying school and they’re not delivering what they promised, what can you do? You can take positive action in a number of ways to try to resolve the situation amicably, but failing that, the instigation of legal action to recoup your investment might be the only sensible way forward.

We provide an in-depth analysis and appraisal of your flight training course based on a myriad of factors, resulting in an action plan that allows you to move forward confidently to achieve your goal, or advice on how to get your money back.

Here are just some of the items our Flight Training Management & Analysis programmes consider:

    •    Your training programme
    •    Standard operating procedures
    •    School facilities
    •    Flying instructors
    •    Attitudes to learning
    •    Theoretical knowledge training
    •    Pre & post flight briefings/de-briefings
    •    Emergency procedures training
    •    Cancelled lessons
    •    Logbook analysis
    •    Flight tests preparation
    •    Instructor & Examiner feedback
    •    Occurrence reporting
    •    Aircraft fleets
    •    Aircraft maintenance

We can provide you with light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. A clear way forward that allows you to achieve your aviation related goals in a timely, safe and cost effective manner.

Start taking charge of your training and get what you deserve! Don’t prolong this any further. Call us now to make an appointment.

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