Expert Witness

Our specialist aviation consulting team has over a 100 years of combined experience in General, Commercial and Military Aviation. Our Expert Witness skills and expertise help win legal cases, set trends, improve safety and reinforce Pilot and Operator reputations. When you need the best, our expertise and skills are unmatched.

We have been employed by both plaintiffs and defendants lawyer’s in a variety of civil and criminal cases, some involving the National Crime Agency, to provide detailed reports and oral testimony at court proceedings.

Our staff are experts in their respective fields and our fixed wing & rotary pilots have tens of thousands of hours in the air and decades of experience. We provide expert testimony for incidents involving Private Pilot’s (General Aviation) and Commercial Pilot’s as well as for incidents and accidents relating to airshows.

Examples of our work include explaining technical aviation jargon and concepts to jurors in criminal prosecution cases for either the defence or prosecution in areas such as:

    •    Air Law
    •    Operational Procedures
    •    Air Traffic Control Communications
    •    Meteorology
    •    Flight Planning
    •    Navigation
    •    Aircraft Engineering & Maintenance
    •    Human Factors
    •    Aircraft Crash Investigations
    •    3-D Aerodrome Modelling

We have been involved in an Expert Witness capacity in a number of high profile cases where our testimony has quite literally meant the difference between an individual or organisation going bankrupt, or in some cases, losing their liberty for the rest of there lives!

We make a difference because we are the difference.

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