Air Charter Policy Design for Businesses

In light of the recent and tragic event involving the professional footballer Emiliano Sala, we deem it necessary for every business to have in place, a robust policy that takes into account a number of vital factors when selecting an air charter service for their staff.

We have worked on the Emiliano Sala case on behalf of Cardiff City Football Club, and concluded that businesses in general, need to follow a strict protocol when selecting air charter services for their travel arrangements. Very little is known to the lay person about the legalities of the air transport world, nor is it easy to research and find the information that is required that would allow you to make a decision either.

You may have already been contacted by legal firms claiming they have a straight forward policy that allows you to check what you need to when choosing an air charter company, whilst at the same time being tailor made for your organisation. We have seen some of these policies, many of them have been written by juniors in the firms, technically unqualified solicitors, and with very little, if any, aviation legal training.

So, who are we and what do we do? The Great Circle is an aviation business specialising in a number of niche areas. From Pilot training, aviation systems design, to counter-terrorism, expert witness services and air travel policy design. We have all bases covered in the fast paced and ever changing world of aviation.

Don’t just listen to and be spoon fed by the lawyers who have offered you their policy. Question them! Who designed the policy they offered you? What is their individual experience exactly in the aviation world at their law firm? What aviation based qualifications do they have? If they’ve outsourced the expertise to design the guidance policy they offer you, and chances are they have, then they’re reduced to nothing other than a broker. So why trust the policy written by them?

There are many serious questions that need to be asked when booking an air charter service, here’s just a few: Who are the Pilot’s? Do they hold air-side passes? Where did they train? What licences do they hold? What ratings do they hold? What aircraft do they use? Where is the aircraft registered? What maintenance schedule does it adhere to? These questions aren’t even the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to selecting a suitable crew and aircraft to transport your businesses most precious assets, you, your staff and your clients. It needs to be done right; and we do it right. You’re involved every step of the way too, and by being involved, you gain an education yourself. Don’t let greedy lawyers tell you otherwise.

The Great Circle offers you a full, tailor-made service to suit your business that includes everything a travel guidance policy should have, one that is designed by experts in the industry to protect you and your business. It’s a very murky, and sometimes, down-right dangerous world out there in aviation, get onboard with us and get peace of mind every time you make your air travel arrangements for your business. Can you afford not to? The consequences as we have already seen, can be absolutely devastating, potentially ruining a business and its reputation permanently.

Let us show you how to do it properly, and therefore, safely. We would be delighted to meet with you in person either at our premises or yours, to take you through a short presentation that highlights the vital steps that need to be taken when considering air charter services for your business. We can also be the expert that does this on your behalf in the future too, thereby freeing you to do what you do best, growing your business! It’s your choice, either of them makes sense when you do it with us.

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