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Customer Testimonials

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Please take a few minutes to read through a small number of our previous clients testimonials. These are genuine accounts of their opinions regarding the quality of our courses, our training facilities, location and overall experience.

Ashley Kaye

So am pleased to say I’ve completed a 3 day pilot math & physics course with The Great Circle in preparation for my ATPL exams & all i can say is WOW!!!

If your not confident or like me have no experience at all in algebra trigonometry etc I cannot recommend this company enough!! Adam who was my teacher is absolutely amazing at what he does & just a all round genius at teaching this stuff in methods thats you will understand!! Definitely boosted my confidence in attacking these ATPL exams now!

Thank you very much to you Stephanie & Adam for all the advice & training

Niels Aarup

Bottom line up front: The Great Circle really delivers on PPL ground school. Outstanding performance end-2-end in a very knowledgeable, friendly, supportive and accommodating learning environment. I passed the PPL-H exam with great results and have learned a lot. I can highly recommend this flight academy.

I lead a busy and active life and as such it is hard to free up time for theory classes over a big number of weekends. My success criteria for learning PPL-H ground school were:

• To learn all the theory I need for me and my fellow airmen to be safe.

• The teaching must be based on thorough practical experience and straight forward explanations – connecting theory and practice. 

• To be able to seclude myself from my job for a limited period of time and dedicate myself 100% to laser sharp focussed learning and pass the PPL-H exams in one go.

Taking all nine modules of PPL-H in four days seems like a daunting task at the time of sign up and during the first day of training. However, you quickly adopt a high-performance mode of operation where you get into a rhythm where you immerse yourself in one module at a time and don’t think about what remains to be done. In that mode of operation, you are all of a sudden done and have learned much more than you could have ever hoped for. When I boarded the commercial airplane from AMS to LBA to get to Halifax for the course I did not know much about flight theory, but I surely did when I boarded the airplane for the return trip – and that was a fantastic feeling.

Finally, you get to meet a lot of lovely and interesting people at the course, all with a common interest and passion for flying. I am forever grateful to the instructors Adam and Stephanie who really did an outstanding job, both in teaching and keeping a fantastic spirit in the class and after the daily accomplishments.

Marco Bartusiak

I attended the great circle limited course to study Navigation & Flight planning and performance. I was taught by Adam and Stephanie both have exceptional teaching skills and explain in detail when teaching.

Prior to the course I had read the Pooleys revision books and I can say Adams method of teaching shows a simpler way around some of the tougher topics. Both trainers are very friendly and both have there individual expertise they always ensure all the students understand the topic taught before moving on.

To conclude my course was conducted in Halifax, the classroom has a relaxed environment for learning which counts as the days are long and intense. There’s a kitchen area for tea & coffee etc for lunch and break times.

10/10 from me thanks for the hard work guys!

Shakeel Javaid

I completed my PPL theory at The Great Circle in October last year with 3 other fellow students. To start with; it was an honour being taught by two of the most amazing people I’ve come across with a vast knowledge of Aviation, Adam and Stephanie. Adam not only taught us what was in the syllabus but went beyond and shared his broad knowledge into the subjects. The course lasted for 5 days and I have to say at times it was pretty intense as you have to learn the subject and prepare for an exam at the end of the day (which is by the way your choice, you won’t be pressured to sit one on the same day).

The Pilot’s House is one of the most amazing places I’ve visited, it’s a dream house for a Pilot, very well presented! A work of an artist Pilot I guess ?, I smiled every time I entered the building! Breaks are regular throughout the day and lots and lots of chocolate to eat!!! At the end we all came out with very good results.

Thank you Adam and Stephanie you are the best host ever! All the best for this New Year!

Markus Whitcomb

Highly Highly recommended. 9 courses in 5 days. Delivered with energy, passion and most of all made it fun.

I was apprehensive before coming but very soon settled in and I truly have loved the 5 days. Learned loads and plenty to put into practise and of course to refine and keep on learning. Amazing setting and easy to get too as well. Adam and Stephanie have been a pleasure to be around both during the course and after hours! If you're thinking of doing your PPL ground exams then The Great Circle are fab to do with.

Thanks for the great week and I know we will continue to stay in touch.

Philip Ryenbakken

I would like to recommend TGC's Fast Track PPL Theory course.

If you are looking to fast-track your PPL ground school, TGC is the way to go. The course plan is definitely intensive, however, the instructors’ expertise and general professionalism will guide you through it. I especially wish to applaud my instructor Adam. His background in maths and physics combined with his explanatory capabilities, makes him a very knowledgeable and excellent instructor.

TGC has an overall interest in their students, that shows not only in, but also outside the classroom.

Matthew Hilton

I spent a week here at the Great Circle in Halifax with Adam and Stephanie. Firstly, I just want to say what a lovely building it was with it’s nice and quiet surroundings. Initially, it was difficult to balance studying for exams with work and everyday life. But coming here was the best place to focus purely on studying which helped me perform better in the exams.

Adam and Stephanie were great tutors! The amount of experience they had between them, I couldn’t have asked for a better tutors to help teach me. The one-to-one tutoring gave me a deeper understanding of the topics and made it easier to absorb all the information.

I would highly recommend this place!

Martin Roberts

Studied for mp LLP (A) written exams with The Great Circle. A well thought through course expertly delivered by a highly motivated highly qualified pilot examiner. The delivery was energetic light hearted but thorough in the facts that were taught too the group. All questions were thoroughly answered in detail and any training issues were addressed instantly and back up was continually offered.

I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to progress their flying and slower learners should not be put off or daunted by the intensity of the course as the support provided mitigates this. I wish the Great Circle continuing success and will return to further my knowledge skills and qualifications in the future.

John Benson

Did my PPL ground school with The Great Circle and thoroughly enjoyed it. Why spend months of your spare time trawling through books when you have have Adam, an awesome instructor, teach you in a few days intensive training? 

His teaching methods ensure you retain the knowledge too. I passed my exams first time. Was so pleased, I also came back to do my IMC training. Thoroughly recommended.

Nick Tyne

One of the best courses I have taken. Adams ground school and pre-flight briefings are thorough and detailed, his use of modern multimedia graphics to show you how it will happen in the air are a great advantage.  In the air there is a seamless link between what you have learnt on the ground and the flying exercises. I will be back for a night rating during the winter.

Robert Young

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Adam and Stephanie from The Great Circle. Having taken 1 year to pass 4 exams I felt with work, family and my flying club closing due to the recession, that time was slipping away to complete the remaining ones. However one call and I was booked to sit and hopefully pass the exams (or as Adam likes to call them, quizzes). 

I don't wish to knock the books so to speak but having someone with Adam's experience explaining things often in a humorous way, I was put at ease from the moment the course started and passed the exams, as promised. I continue to study the books but without the pressure of any timescales.

I have started flying again with a new club, instructor and aircraft... Adams favourite C152(!!)...and now feel that I can learn more and enjoy the flying without the worry of the dreaded 18 month time limit.
 Once again, thank you for all your help and would urge anyone who wishes to not only pass these exams but learn about the subject matter too, to contact The Great Circle.

David Gnash

I had tried studying the books at home and looking at the PPL confuser. Neither method was getting the material into my head and so after reading Pilot magazine I spotted The Great Circle advertisement for all 9 examinations in one week.

Having made contact and learned the small group size I was more than convinced this was the way forward for me. The course was professionally run in comfortable surroundings.

 The commitment from the tutors ensured the study was at the right level, both their knowledge and positivity was notable. The extra tuition into the evenings to ensure all students had grasped the material was highly effective and welcome. To be honest the aim was to commit a week to the work, away from home, so the extra study was a good use of my time.
The examination workload sounds enormous but the progress through the week and the great tuition made the process far less daunting than individual unsupported study.

I felt well prepared for each examination and the results speak for themselves.

 The study materials were clear and concise and cut away some of the excess material in the larger set of books (which are great for follow up reading).

 The lessons include plenty of practical application especially with Navigation and the CRP flight computer and the interpretation of TAFs and METARS. All aspects were absolutely necessary and have been invaluable since.

Overall I enjoyed the course, helped by my having passed all the examinations. The structure was excellent, the lessons thorough with a good balance between knowledge acquisition and practical application. Breaks were timed appropriately. Its a busy week with work into the early evening but the course does exactly what it says and prepared me thoroughly for the examinations. The knowledge has been put to good use since especially for navigation.
For me money well spent and great value as it meant all the pressure to pass was contained in one structured week.

A definite recommend to get the work done in one sensible defined block of time.

Martin Robson

For many years I dreamed about doing my PPL but I always thought that my busy and unpredictable work and home timetables wouldn't really work round the daunting task of 45 hours' flying and 9 written exams. I can now say, with certainty, that The Great Circle can make your dream happen!

My first phone call to Adam reassured me that they would work round difficult and changeable time constraints and this was absolutely true. Moreover, and even more importantly, the friendly nature of Adam and all his team made the lessons, both in the plane and at the ground school, a real pleasure. 

The ground school is a very efficient and enjoyable way to tackle the written papers. Emphasis is given to the things you really need to know, not just to pass the exams, but to become a safe pilot. Adam seems to genuinely enjoy sharing his vast experience with others.

I would unhesitatingly recommend The Great Circle.

Ralph Morris

My efforts to study at home and absorb the information needed to make me a good and safe aviator were continually thwarted. Telephone calls (with elderly and sick relatives, I was not able to ignore the phone), neighbours calling (they had nothing to do and assumed that I would be similarly disposed), family members continually in and out – etc, etc. After eighteen months I was going no-where. My practical flight training was going well with some 100 hours total with 15 hours of solo flying in a Cessna 172. 

In March 2011, I came across The Great Circle whilst surfing the Web. They offered a course which covered the seven subjects and stated that it was possible to study and sit the exams in a week! I admit that I was full of scepticism – how was it possible, how could you learn the subjects to an acceptable level and achieve success in the space of a week? I ignored the web page and went back to my (very inefficient) study regime. Another month and I was still making little progress.

My instructor continuously badgered me to come up with a time-frame when I thought I would be ready to start sitting the exams but in my heart I knew that I would be bound to fall short of the standard required. To his consternation, I extended and continued to extend the time that I thought that I needed. 

At 62 years of age, I recently retired from my profession having risen to senior management.

In my younger years I was regarded as the perpetual student – study was my hobby, University in my late forties to achieve a degree that I thought might be relevant to my work (it wasn’t). I was no stranger to applying myself intellectually when needed but, along the way, I had lost the discipline needed to stick to a study routine – I definitely needed help. In desperation, I phoned The Great Circle although I was convinced that this would be a complete waste of my time (and, if I signed up – my money). However, I was going no-where fast and felt that it was worth a telephone call. I chatted for some time and my initial apprehension was slowly being replaced with a sense of anticipation.

I was beginning to feel that just maybe, these people may actually be able to sort me out. I was impressed by the professional manner in which they explained their philosophy and work ethics, not to mention the patience they exhibited as they responded to my (many) questions. I signed up – a course was to be held in a few weeks and they had one place available. Ground School is conducted in Harrogate (a lovely town, well worth a visit if you have never been there). Modern, clean, spacious and comfortable are my endearing memories.

The staff are first class and genuinely seem to care about you and go to any lengths to ensure that you have everything you need. I joined my fellow students and we got down to work. It soon became apparent that there were a maximum of five of us at any one time. On some days only three as some people only came to study specific subjects. A ratio of five (or less) to one instructor is to be highly recommended. With such small numbers we were able to stop and concentrate on any aspect of what we were wrestling with and there was never any suggestion that we should make more progress. 

As stated above, much patience was shown to us and the tutor would not move on until he was certain that we had absorbed the points that were being explained. Because of the training methods, it was not possible to predict when the day would end and several late evenings ensued. At the conclusion to each subject we spent time with question and answer sessions that did much to reinforce the subject and then sat the relevant exam. And so it continued for the week. Very hard work but all the students agreed, it was extremely enjoyable. In fact, I cannot recall a more satisfying training course and, as said, I have attended many dozens throughout my career. 

I particularly liked the relaxed training style. When things just got too much the tutor was happy to allow us to break and we could go out and get some fresh air and stretch our legs. We took advantage of these breaks whenever we felt that we were going into overload and, when necessary, we returned to the points that had caused us to call a temporary halt. Again, absolute patience was the order of the day even though it would become obvious that the day would prove to be a long one. At the end of the week all students had achieved a pass in all subjects. I had my PPl application form signed in all seven subjects – what a result! I returned a few weeks later where two of us studied the Radio Operators Licence course and then sat the exam – despite the fact that I thought that I had made a “pigs ear” of the exam, I passed – WOW!! 

It is now down to me to finish my training –Solo Navigation, revision and then the skills test – I will gain my PPL this year and owe The Great Circle a great deal for helping me with the theory aspects.

Home study is not for me! Is it for you? Well, if my description of trying to study at home rings any sort of bell with you then I would urge you to follow my example. If also, time is of the essence – you really do need to get the exams under your belt so that you can concentrate on the more practicable aspects of flight training then The Great Circle is definitely for you.

If your flying school does not provide any Ground School (many don’t) then this is for you. 

The staff at The Great Circle are highly professional, extremely experienced aviators and the training methods are second to none. Don’t sign up if you think that you will only need to turn up – you must be prepared to work hard and you will. However, you won’t be reading this unless you are looking for a way to achieve success in the theoretical subjects required for your PPL. My philosophy is that if it is worth having it is worth working for. I commend The Great Circle and have no hesitation in recommending their Ground School. I only wish that I had attended Flight Training with them as I am sure that if that training is conducted in the same way as the training that I received it would have been first class.

Val Eden

I attended The Great Circle because the volume of information on flying was so great and felt that if I could be taught it would help me with me seven ground exams and that is what Adam at The Great Circle did. Stephanie and Adam made me feel relaxed and gave me the belief in myself to learn the material and take my exams with them.

Adam is such a good teacher, if there is anything you don't understand he will go over it until you feel confident and fully understand the given subject. The instructors have so much up to date knowledge and are really good at teaching this to their students.

I am very pleased that I found The Great Circle and wouldn't hesitate in recommending them to anyone taking their PPL.

Martin Arden

If you have a family or work commitments then in my opinion this is the only way to stay sane, safe in the air and pass your exams all in one. Instead of just spoon feeding you the answers to the questions on the exam; the courses are orientated around giving you the maximum amount of relevant information that you can humanly digest.

On completion of these courses you will realise that although you have walked away with your exams all completed, it is not as valuable as what you have learnt from spending a week with a pilot who has thousands of hours of real life experience. There are no books or interactive videos on this planet that can teach you what they will and in the way they do and as a result I guarantee you will be a more confident and competent pilot!

Paul Davie

I had tried studying the books at home and looking at the PPL confuser. Neither method was getting the material into my head and so after reading Pilot magazine I spotted The Great Circle advertisement for all 9 examinations in one week.

Having made contact and learned the small group size I was more than convinced this was the way forward for me. The course was professionally run in comfortable surroundings. The commitment from the tutors ensured the study was at the right level, both their knowledge and positivity was notable. The extra tuition into the evenings to ensure all students had grasped the material was highly effective and welcome.

To be honest the aim was to commit a week to the work, away from home, so the extra study was a good use of my time.

 The examination workload sounds enormous but the progress through the week and the great tuition made the process far less daunting than individual unsupported study. I felt well prepared for each examination and the results speak for themselves.

The study materials were clear and concise and cut away some of the excess material in the larger set of books (which are great for follow up reading). The lessons include plenty of practical application especially with Navigation and the CRP flight computer and the interpretation of TAFs and METARS. All aspects were absolutely necessary and have been invaluable since.

Overall I enjoyed the course, helped by my having passed all the examinations. The structure was excellent, the lessons thorough with a good balance between knowledge acquisition and practical application. Breaks were timed appropriately. Its a busy week with work into the early evening but the course does exactly what it says and prepared me thoroughly for the examinations. The knowledge has been put to good use since especially for navigation.

For me money well spent and great value as it meant all the pressure to pass was contained in one structured week.

A definite recommend to get the work done in one sensible defined block of time.

Bill Gore

I came to Harrogate for a week to The Great Circle to prepare and sit my PPL exams. The tuition was first class as was the whole atmosphere of the course. Both tutors were clearly very experienced pilots and it was a pleasure and good fun to work them. I had struggled as a busy executive to get this body of study done in the time the CAA laid down.

The Great Circle way helped me in every respect in passing the  PPL exams.

John Tansley

During my PPL training I was running a busy business, attending to the needs of a family and jumping in an aeroplane as often as I could. Trying to fit in quality study time around my busy lifestyle and flying was difficult to say the least. I studied for Air Law myself and despite passing at the first attempt I realised that I would not complete the written exams before I had finished my flying training. I needed to be totally removed from family and business where I could study for the exams without distraction. I needed some help!

I knew of the various Ground Schools and that some have a poor reputation. 

They get you through the exam but you learn nothing, so an advert claiming a 100% pass rate raises a warning flag. The last thing I want is to have a qualification without knowing what I'm doing when it comes to flying without an instructor. But I urgently needed Navigation and Meteorology to go cross country (our club rules). I had read the books but didn’t feel confident enough to take the exams. I was slightly wary about the claimed pass rate when I first contacted The Great Circle, however my concerns were soon allayed. 

Meeting Adam for the first time I soon realised this guy knows what he’s talking about and how to teach, teaching is not an easy skill.

Adam has a good style delivering the subject matter and is extremely knowledgeable. He’ll answer any question on aviation asked during the classes and his stories and anecdotes make the classes all the more enjoyable. Each day of class is spent totally focused on aviation and I achieved a 100% pass rate in Navigation and Meteorology. 

My flying training was progressing well and the end of the course was in sight. I had taken the Radio exam without direct tuition. But now with the end of my flying training looming I still needed Aircraft Technical, Flight Performance and Human Performance…. 

Back to The Great Circle.

Once again Adam delivered the goods and I comfortably passed the exams. This was followed shortly by a Skills Test at my flying club and the coveted PPL was mine!

Since then I’ve taken the IMC rating and without a second thought went back to The Great Circle for IMC Theory.

 Without the help of Adam and The Great Circle I would have managed the exams, maybe failing a couple along the way but it would have taken a lot longer and caused a lot more stress. So my thanks go to Adam and the Great Circle for helping me through the courses expediting my PPL and IMC and having a thoroughly enjoyable time along the way.

 I would recommend The Great Circle to anyone learning to fly.

Sam Green

From the moment I stepped through the door at TGC I knew I was in good hands, the method of teaching and the teacher are absolute 1st class and that is what makes it stand apart from the rest! Every detail is picked up on and gone over and even additional facts and information are given to make us better pilots. From the first minute of my time spent there to the last I was made to feel very at home, and I am pleased to say I passed all of my PPL exams taken there first time along with others.

Andy Ruddick

I passed all nine PPL subjects at Heathrow. Many thanks to the team there for all the help given and questions answered. I was that impressed with the efficiency and value for money of the Ground School Course, I have now also decided to book onto the Radio Licence Course as well. I thoroughly recommend the services of The Great Circle to anybody contemplating obtaining a PPL. Especially if your like me and not that academic!

Mike Parry

I attended the PPL (H) Ground School course and was highly impressed with The Great Circles performance. My initial enquiry was dealt with very efficiently, booking the course was simple and the welcome was excellent. The course itself is presented in a simple logical manner by highly qualified professionals who clearly understand the subject and know how to impart the required information. The course was very enjoyable and taught me a lot of things not covered by the requirements of the syllabus all of which are focussed on being a better pilot.

Randy Harrachiaran

I just wanted to say thank you to the great team of instructors at The Great Circle, I recently passed flight planning, communications and navigation with The Great Circle in the Harrogate office. The learning environment was very clean and modern and we were well looked after with refreshments and chocolates.

The courses were presented professionally and in-depth using up to date information. Adams approach to teaching was very innovative making it easier to absorb and understand the subject thoroughly not only to pass the exam but to give you confidence in being a safe pilot. When it came time for the exams the knowledge was fresh in my head.

I am glad I found The Great Circle and I will use them again in the future. I would highly recommend The Great Circle to anyone.

Luis Higuera

I have started my flying training one year ago and not able to make much progress due to my job requirements. I did not have much time left for my training and the idea of 7 exams just moved my target of becoming a PPL holder miles away.

I did a deep research nearly every single flying school in the UK to find a way around my problem and luckily I found The Great Circle.

 However the idea of get all 9 exams done in just one week taking on account that English is not my first language and I have not been in a classroom since I finish University in 2007 make it very difficult to believe. Never the less I took the chance and booked 1 week off work and drove 278 miles from Brighton to Harrogate expecting to get at least my Air Law exam done.

I have to say that it is still difficult to believe but I did not get my exams in 5 days as they said but in 4 days instead! I couldn't been more happy.

 The quality of the sessions and an experience and qualify Tutor made all the difference. Not only I passed my exams with a lowest mark of 84% but also learn so much about each single subject.

I did enjoy my week in Harrogate and came back in Brighton with all my exams passed and well motivated to continue my training. I not only recommend the ground school program with The Great Circle I also will be back to take my RT practical test as soon as it is available.

It will be great to go there again and now more confident that I will come back with my test successfully one and all the knowledge required to achieve my PPL and became a Safe and better Pilot. Thank you very much to The Great Circle People to take me 9 steps close to my target of became a Pilot! See you soon.

Richard Cadogan

For any aspiring Private Pilot, the excitement of the flight training is exhilarating and stimulating. The thought of the 7 examinations for all but the few, is less exciting and can be positively daunting. I had poured over textbooks over a prolonged period and was not looking forward to the first sitting as the text was very dry and whilst very detailed, not exactly informative in pointing out the most salient content. Finding The Great Circle has been a revelation.

 The standard of tuition and the relevance of all the lectures has been fabulous.

I would never have considered it feasible to complete all the examinations in just one week, but in fact it is perfectly possible here. 

The difference in having a very well qualified, experienced and enthusiastic teacher is that the enthusiasm becomes infectious in a great way. I would highly recommend this Flight School to students of any age and experience level.

Nick Amin

I came in from Hong Kong to do all 9 courses, every course was made very enjoyable and interesting. The Instructor Adam was very innovative in his approach to the teaching, which helped it all sink in and made the learning process absorbing.

 Did the Heathrow course which was conveniently located for motorways and accommodation, finished the courses passing all subjects, a great Fast Track program, it is an effective approach with very experienced instructors.

Jim Chapman

After sitting with the "books" for many nights and wondering if I was getting anywhere towards sitting my IMC Rating theory exam, I decided to book in with The Great Circle in Harrogate. 

The classroom was very pleasant and the course material provided was comprehensive. Adam was a truly excellent tutor with lots of energy, enthusiasm and anecdotes that made absorbing the curriculum (and more) easy and fun.

 I was very pleased with my results and the speed at which I got them. It was like a breath of fresh air by comparison with being head down in some IFR books. I would definitely recommend The Great Circle to anybody.

Simon Parkes

I completed all of my PPL Ground school exams with The Great Circle, in the fast track 4 days format. I found the whole course very enjoyable from the first point of contact to the last.

The knowledge of the instructors for the theory work was outstanding but more impressive was the knowledge of the entire aviation industry.

Any questions were answered on the spot with current information. 

The course notes were set out for you to really take them in and not to just be overloaded with information. 

The way the course is laid out at The Great Circle is a very functional system which is why they can boast their 100% pass rate. When you sit your exam the material is fresh in your mind and well and truly understood.

 I sat the exams in the Harrogate office and the surroundings were very clean and modern.

 We were looked after in regards to refreshments and chocolates!

I would highly recommend them and if I come across any problems in my aviation career they would be top of my list for some advice.

Nick Parr

I took all 9 exams with The Great Circle as Heathrow. I was and am very impressed with The Great Circle and believe it is the ideal place for learning and passing the exams required for the PPL and beyond. Everything from my initial enquiry e-mail to the to the course and related materials and instructors was extremely professional. 

The instructors were most importantly knowledgable and good teachers, but also friendly and enthusiastic. I found they not only taught the material required to pass the exams, but were engaging in answering any questions as well as giving many valuable real life experiences and tips. 

After taking a passing all 9 exams, I would say the course was exceptional value for money for anyone considering taking their PPL.

Adrian Van Beek

I chose The Great Circle to do my PPL ground school training based on their helpful and responsive interactions with me, the professionalism of their website, and the uniqueness of their 4 day fast track program.

 I have just finished this course, and although fast passed, enjoyed every minute.

 Terms are explained in ‘plain English’ and Adam’s ability to use real life situations and analogies help to cement concepts that were new for me and helped me to retain what I had learnt.

 A fantastic program, I passed all the 9 subjects and would not hesitate recommending them to anyone.
Money well spent and worth the +1,000km drive to attend.

Success with all that you do.

Steve Clarke

I approached The Great Circle for a fast-track ground school on Helicopter Navigation having been recommended to do so by a friend and fellow Heli-Pilot. The prices offered were competitive and so I joined a class of three students (including me) each with different knowledge, understanding and experience of the subject matter.

One of the key strengths of the team at The Great Circle is that the instructor was very quickly able to assess the needs of each different delegate and not only adapt the teaching accordingly, but also managed to dedicate extra time and effort to the most needy in the group with no adverse impact on the more advanced students. The high-quality take-aways from my Navigation Course will also be a constant source of reference going forward. As such, I'm more than satisfied and would indeed use The Great Circle again in future, as well as also recommending them to others.

Nathan Brewer

Finding the time to study for so many exams was nearly impossible with my current work schedule. Finding a ground school course that could condense the extremely large amounts of information provided in the PPL books into simple easy classes was exactly what I needed.

 What stood out the most from other courses I had researched was that we weren't just taught to pass exams. We were trained by industry experienced pilots with a wealth of knowledge backing up their teaching.

Classes were practical and theoretical and gave me an in-depth understanding of the content required to become a safe pilot. The Great Circle have taken the stress out of the theory exams and allowed me to concentrate my efforts in my flying lessons applying all the newly learnt knowledge we have been taught.

I would recommend this course to anyone who needs not only to pass the examinations but to pass with the knowledge of understanding the the material.

Chris Briant

The Great Circle was excellent. From start to finish, they provided nothing but a top class service. I wasn't sure what to expect of the content before I arrived but I was pleasantly surprised but how much information I learned and absorbed. It wasn't just giving you the answers, as honestly I had expected, but helping you cut the massive PPL books into little manageable pieces. The other information we received from Adam, information that you won't get from reading a book about aviation and hints and tips to help progress our own careers, was invaluable.

I cannot recommend The Great Circle enough. I hope I have made a few friends and contacts I will have for life whilst passing my exams!

David Farr

I attended The Great Circle for all of my written exams and it was a Great find! Adam is a quality teacher who goes beyond the book text and explains each concept in real world applications. The course material I received on the course is much more focused and was much easier to absorb than trawling through the books.

Keeping the course to small numbers makes it so much easier - especially when they need to focus on the bits I needed that extra push on!
I have no hesitation in recommending The Great Circle to anyone who wants to not only get through the exams but to get more out of them in the process.

Tim Coldicott

I need not have worried about taking on board the task of covering 9 subjects and their associated exams in 4 days. This was one of the most best courses I have attended. Adam's energy and fluency, together with his stories, (and contributions to the Cessna v. Piper debate throughout the week), brought every subject to life. The time appropriately flew by, so that we weren't even fazed by the late hour at which we started a couple of the exams. And at the club, they are impressed by the grades - the result of Adam expecting nothing but the best from us.

If I lived nearer Harrogate, I'd certainly try the Flying School after this experience.

Nick Krastev

Before I went on the course, I had been only confused by the books on the subjects. The Great Circle ground school made the exams easy and intuitive. The instructor made the matter become very clear and logical and the actual exams seem effortless. 

The course was fun and the knowledge, which I acquired is much more than, that required to complete the tests. The theory was easy to understand and the actual flying afterwards seem natural.

The people from The Great Circle are most friendly and always willing to clarify and explain giving real-life examples.
 I am considering to attend the entire 4 week PPL course on my return to the island.

Victoria Wicks

I did 5 courses with the Great Circle, Navigation, Meteorology, Flight Planning, Aircraft Technical, and Human Performances. Every course was thoroughly enjoyable, with both instructors (Adam and Richard) using examples and anecdotes to help the facts go in. They really knew their stuff, and could answer any question that was thrown at them, giving you knowledge and tips that will certainly help your flying in the future, and one day, just might save your life! Even the parts you’d expect to be boring and difficult were dealt with so as to make them easy and surprisingly interesting.

The courses are taught using a digital presentation, and a good old fashioned whiteboard. (I believe they have a snazzy new one now!) Every slide is printed for you to keep and make notes on, but by the time the instructors have gone through it there is very little need to revise for the exam – everything is so well learnt.
 The courses take place in a comfortable modern presentation room with lots of desk space, inspiring models of planes, and most importantly, chocolates on the table! It really is an effective and enjoyable way to study for and pass your PPL exams.

Sam Batkin

My experience with The Great Circle was more than I had hoped for. As soon as I arrived I felt welcome and never felt out of place.

 The teaching of the subjects were set out extremely well which made absorbing the information very easy. This shows as myself and others passed our exams first time.

We also went out for a lovely meal on one of the nights which made the whole experience very enjoyable.

I would recommend The Great Circle to anyone struggling with absorbing the information at home.

 Could not speak more highly of them.

Ryan Maybury

Thanks to The Great Circle!

 By far the best way to complete your ppl  exams with much more understanding than all the books on the market, taught by instructors who 'know their stuff'. The general atmosphere is  of the knowledge that the courses teach you is vital, and the exams or 'quizzes' are secondary. I think that it is this ethos which is fundamental to become a good pilot; and would most defiantly recommend the Harrogate location to lean more and pass your ppl exams.

Mike Webster

A very enjoyable and informative course  resulting in a pass of all 9 exams.

The team ran the course presented the syllabus in a very intuitive manner ensuring that the content was fully understood. 

I would highly recommend this course.

Barnaby Hoare

I recently went on the 1 week course in London with Adam and Ben from the Great Circle covering the new 9 exam course from EASA. I only had 4 hours of flying and limited knowledge of some topics and absolutely none in others! Adam and Ben were able to put me at ease and explain everything in a clear and concise manner and had amazing patience when explaining some of the more complex subjects.

I think that my average result of over 90% for the 9 exams is testament to their skills and experience in delivering the course. 

It was a great experience and I would recommend anyone looking to complete their written exams for the PPL course to attend the Great Circle course as you will learn much more from the 1 week course that you will from any book. It is also a great starting point for anyone with an interest in aviation and provides a solid background to continue with more technical reading for those who  are interested in it!

It was thoroughly enjoyable, challenging and I am so glad that I chose the Great Circle.

Jenny Handsley

Thank you for all your teaching, enthusiasm and hospitality. I really enjoyed my time at The Great Circle!

Michael Ansell

Thank you for an outstanding week, the training material and delivery was all exceptionally professional. I am delighted to have passed the exams, the credit for which in my  opinion rests with Adam and Ben, our  lecturers. In terms of value, worth every penny and I will certainly  try and recommend others to you. Thank you again.

Mark Podberry

I attended the IMC Rating Theory one day course with The Great Circle. There was only a small number of us in the class which made it almost 1 to 1 tuition which was really superb. 

The course was hard work but also very enjoyable. Adam makes things very clear and is happy to go over things more than once if you don't quite grasp it the first time around.

Adam also uses some really good mnemonics to make it easier to remember the vital items to make sure you pass the exam first time. 

The environment is very smart, relaxed and comfortable.

I highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to gain an IMC who does wants to get the ground school part of the syllabus passed in one day.

Don Skeites

I would like to thank very much 'The Great Circle' for their personal attentiveness, patience and understanding during my recent training courses. I found both the PPL and IMC ground school training courses superb! I'm definitely a more competent pilot having undergone these courses. The instructors personal approach and training standards provided was at all times practical and very professional.

I highly recommend 'The Great Circle' and would not hesitate to use them again. Well done and many thanks you guys.

Arek Milerski

I've had great experience with you guys The Great Circle ground school was the best choice i've ever made I would recommend it to everyone who wants to become pilot. Adam is the best instructor in the world he is like a psychologist!

Sean Brad

The course at The Great Circle was fantastic beyond what I expected. The teacher was very kind and wasn’t strict, had a lot of patience, and gave me great advice and motivation to do what I wanted, I’m so grateful for what he told me. Everyone was a great help from the start too very kind and sociable. Would recommend this course to everyone.

James Hawker

Due to constraints on my time I made the decision to look around for a ground school to help get me through my exams, as opposed to take the self-study route. After a lot of research online I chose The Great Circle. Not having been in a classroom environment for a number of years I was slightly unsure of what to expect.  What I received was a very warm and professional reception.

I was very impressed with the entire experience from start to finish. The courses were fun and informative. I did have a concern that this was simply a course to get me though my exams, and whilst they course absolutely achieved this (I got over 85% in every exam) I genuinely felt that I learnt a lot through the process. 

I would happily recommend The Great Circle to everyone. I really enjoyed being taught by them and I met a great group of people.

David Gould

Having just done the "all subjects" five day PPL ground school training course I am very pleased to say The Great Circle gave me the knowledge and expertise to pass all 7 subjects comfortably first time - exactly as they said they would. But the course was much more than just an exam passing exercise, throughout there was an emphasis on providing information and education to make private flying a safer and more enjoyable experience. I would thoroughly recommend this course and The Great Circle to anyone looking for help towards their PPL.

Tim Pavlakos

I attended the PPL ground school Fast Track and without the help received during this course there is no way I would have passed the exams with such ease. Adam who taught us for the week probably new everything there was to know about aviation and every subject associated so the teaching was fantastic and interesting at the same time. If you are doing a PPL I'd recommend this course as it makes the headache of doing exams fun not to mention the level of teaching received wouldn't be found anywhere else.

James Leahy

I attended the Fast Track Ground School course - 9 subjects. I took the course in Harrogate, on the advise of the school owner, I thought it was great, an incredibly comfortable, relaxed and beautiful environment. The level of tuition was great, I felt really at ease with the teachers not only because of their high level of knowledge, and their ability to explain and help you relate to the subject you were learning, but also because of the passion that everyone involved in this company has for flying, aircraft and learning.

I highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to become a private or commercial pilot.

 Thanks a lot.

Peter Moore

I had an opportunity to visit Harrogate and do some more ground school training with The Great Circle.

 Fast trains are available from Kings Cross at reasonable prices if booked in advance. Bed and Breakfast, hotels and other types of accommodation are plentiful provided they are booked in good time as Harrogate is popular. Even in early January it was a very pleasant experience.

Adam is a wonderful tutor who knows how to teach the course content in a relaxed way that really motivates the student pilot.

The courses are not cheap, but what you receive in return is quality and first class teaching. Nothing in Aviation comes easily, we all have to work at it and not give up. I have had links with the world of Aviation going back many years and I have found that there is always something to learn.

The Great Circle will give you that insight, success with your exams and a very positive experience. Do consider having a few days in Harrogate and bring the family along if you can. You won't regret it.

Billy Wilkinson

I am currently a student in my first year of A-Levels, and due to this my time was restricted. I knew I had to get my PPL exams completed, but I was not sure how or when I would find the time to study for them. Fortunately, I was up at my airfield when my instructor recommended The Great Circle. 

The 4 day course was probably the best thing I could ever do in my situation.

All of the seven (as it were before September) exams completed in under a week, and all the pressure was off my shoulders! With them out of the way I could then focus entirely on the fun bit, the flying, which was fantastic. 

I would recommend The Great Circle to anybody who is short of time, or simply wants to get top marks! I met some great people on the course as well, some of which I have kept in touch with. Adam, the examiner was a fantastic teacher, and made me feel very welcome everyday.

Chris Jones

I couldn’t believe turning up with nothing more than enthusiasm, having done no pre-course study, could lead to a hard but enjoyable week where I passed all my PPL exams. Great tuition and great atmosphere what more could I ask for! Thanks.

Adam Silvester

I should have booked this course sooner!

If your stressing about trying to find the time to study and do your ground exams?  then don’t delay! book with The Great Circle today!

The guys will look after you and put you in the best position to pass and progress with your flying!

Hamid Shahabi

I'm glad that I chose The Great Circle to help get me through my exams. At Great Circle you are taught by one of the remarkable instructor and Lecturer Adam who goes out of his way to ensure satisfactory standards from his students. His outstanding teaching methods have really helped students(including me) gain exceptional results.

Without any doubt he's one of the best Lecturer I've ever had, not just due to his knowledge of the subjects, but also the fact that if someone's wearing a face that says '' I have no clue what's going on'', he'll spot it and get everyone up to speed before moving on. I would highly recommend this Fast Track course to everyone who wants to become pilot.

David Irving

Just completed my EASA PPL exams with The Great Circle. I have a busy work schedule so TGC arranged 1-on-1 tuition over three weekends. Adam is a superb teacher and has great energy which made it very enjoyable and memorable. Combined with his commercial aviation experience and other interests, I learned so much more than the syllabus requires and feel that I will be a safer pilot as a result. Would highly recommend TGC to anyone who wants to really understand the PPL theory and to sit their exams with confidence.

William Morris

I can highly recommend this Company and this way of learning for all 9 of your PPL ground school exams. I have saved a small fortune by getting all this cracked in one week. 

The trainers are all pilots, the delivery is very informative and delivered at a speed and in a format that you can soak up quickly.

Very highly recommended.

Jason Kandiah

Cannot Thank TGC Enough! Came in with anticipation and plenty of queries, and within 4 days I had all my PPL Exams passed! 

Taught by one of the most intelligent guys I've ever met! I owe you one Adam!

Akshar Patel

I attended the course at Heathrow starting on the 13th of January. The course itself had beaten all of my expectations, I was honestly not a believer that I could do all 9 exams in 5 days however due to the amazing teaching by Adam and Ben, it was possible.

The course is structured to perfection and I learnt soo much, more than I would have reading books by myself so I'd like to thank The Great Circle for that and everyone associated, it was a brilliant educational week.

Neil Logan

I attended the Fast Track Heathrow 9 Subject Ground School in Jan 2014 and i would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone. The instructors were excellent and the course was thorough, intensive but most importantly enjoyable. Thank you guys. & I hope to return for some additional training in the future.

Oliver Hill

Anyone thinking of doing this course should already be on the phone and signing up. If you're anything like me and can't sit there and read PPL books night after night then I can recommend this course. Structured very well, brilliant instructing from the whole team and all in all a great pleasure! Very highly recommended from me.

Bill Morris

Many thanks to Adam, Ben and Stephanie for having me on your course the week before last.

Having spent many hours struggling with the routine publications for my PPL ground school exams, I found your course at The Great Circle an absolute breath of fresh air. Not only was each module very concise and informative but you also imparted a great deal more knowledge which was not necessary for the exams themselves but I'm sure will be of great practical use both whilst I'm a student and also once I have qualified for my private pilot's licence.

Also, it must be said that although the course is intensive, you manage somehow to make it very enjoyable and good fun. It's all very well to sit in the classroom and listen to a teacher droning on, expecting the students to take in everything that they are saying. In my experience, where learning can be made to be fun, one is far more likely to retain the knowledge and I think this is something that you certainly achieved your course. 

Finally, I would like to assure you that I would recommend The Great Circle to any prospective students wishing to pass their ground school exams and thoroughly intend to do so!

 Many thanks again to you all.

All the very best.

Mass Lambressa

After struggling to find the time (and motivation) to study for my ppl ground school exams at home I decided to look for venues to attend for the learning and came across The Great Circle.

The idea of a 4 day intense course appealed (if a little scary at first as its been many years since I’ve sat in a classroom environment) as it would give me the chance to learn and take all 9 examinations in one block. Although it was a very long and intense week, the course is anything but scary due to the relaxed atmosphere given by Adam and Stephanie, and way of learning, making it very interesting the whole way through and keeping my attention on the subjects.

I would recommend The Great Circle to anyone looking to learn for their ground school exams in this way as you won’t be dissapointed!

Chris Shulbert

The Great Circle were exactly what I needed to get through my PPL ground schooling. Not being able to find time with a busy life, completing all the remaining 6 subjects in 4 days was perfect for me. 

The course was delivered in a simple to follow structure and Adam and Ben made sure every aspect was explained thoroughly.

It would have taken months for what I learned to stay in my head had I not found them!

Kuldip Patel

I am so glad that I visited The Great Circle to complete my PPL exams in five days. It was something I wouldn't have done it myself as, I had 0 hours flying experience. Even though then the instructors were so great in explaining the content in detail and in the simplest format which allowed me to fly through the exams. 

Do it you won't regret it or leave it then you will regret it! And start flying!

I would recommend The Great Circle to all who is looking to do PPL exams, it's worth it. 

Chris Sheldon

I was pleased with the quality of the instructors and the teaching, which was excellent preparation for the exams. The Navigation course was particularly challenging, but the instructor took as much time as was necessary to ensure the whole class understood the material fully and we were all properly prepared for the examination. 

Many thanks to you all.

Zain Rasab

Thank you Adam, Stephanie and Ben for everything, I really appreciate it. The course was just brilliant and exceeded my expectations. I love the way it was delivered, and the examiners really insured that we understood everything. 

See you soon for my remaining courses. 

Simon Sellick

Getting the PPL exams out of the way in a week turned the Pooley’s books from the daunting 5Kg that they had been, into the interesting reading that they should have been.  

A very well-spent week, if rather hard work.

Rob Brennan

I attended the fast-track Ground school for PPL(A) after buying all the AFE books and deciding it was wiser to attend a formal course rather than work in snatched moments at an airfield. Spending hours pouring over books is not as enjoyable as learning in a classroom of like-minded people where the questions of others help you to learn.

I had 4 hours flying experience before attending, so still very much a raw recruit compared to some of the students who were already taking solo flights. 

Adam and Ben (the lecturers) explained things in detail for everyone to understand and not only enabled all of us to pass the exams but to embed flight safety and techniques to a much deeper level which will definitely help when in the cockpit.

They put the theory into real life examples to connect the books to the sky. 

Harrogate is a great location for the course. Really good classroom facilities, fantastic town with good B&B's and nightlife, friendly people and no commuting for a week! 

Stephanie knows all the best places to eat, drink and be merry - you will need at least 1-2 nights after full days studying navigation or air law.

Be prepared to work hard during the days. Start at 8.30am and finish at 6pm most nights so it helps to stay close and definitely need to unwind the mind for a few hours before the next day. 

Overall I cannot find any downsides to studying the theory this way and being able to pass all 9 exams with good scores within a week. I will now be able to take the next 40-50 hours flying lessons with better understanding of the principles and rules and be able to read the books to refresh memory rather than with anxiety of an upcoming exam.

Overall 10 out of 10 from me for TGC team. Well done and thanks again for everything you helped me achieve in the week. I look forward to flying with you someday.

Graeme Craven

Adam is a really good, patient teacher, Stephanie couldn't be more helpful & has lots of useful, encouraging anecdotes. 

Great training, great team, great results - just book up (early) for courses at The Great Circle - you won't regret it!

Peter McCowie

Just did my IMC theory exam yesterday with The Great Circle (and passed). Adam is a fantastic tutor and certainly knows how to get his knowledge across. Would not hesitate to recommend this course. 

Everyone was very friendly and very focused on making sure you pass your exams.

David Donaldson

The Great Circle is in my eyes the best course ever. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with exams or is just beginning their exams. I went their thinking that I may not pass airlaw and operational procedures because I was on my last attempt on both but I was wrong, they spent time helping everyone and helped each person on the aspects of the syllabus they were finding challenging. 

The course is all focused on helping you pass the exams and also help you to be a better pilot in the sense of safety. Personally I learned a lot about flying that I never knew existed. The team are friendly, positive thinking people. 

Thanks so much.

Charles Vladimir Denison

I attended this course this week and am happy to say that I have passed all of my PPL ground school exams. Never have I seen such a dedicated team of teachers ready to prioritise you for those 4 days. 

Not only have I gained these qualifications, but with their extensive experience I have gained a great deal of confidence for the future. 

The environment was very friendly and I will happily, hands down, recommend this course to everyone who is going for their PPL (or even ATPL).

Jacques Chan

I did the PPL Theory Course with TGC in late July with no flying experience whatsoever. 

At first, I doubted whether I would passed all 9 exams in 5 days, after all I haven't did mathematics for a number of years and science is not my expertise. I also doubted the company because of the low number of reviews and the "too-professional" website. 

However, after the first day of lessons (3 modules in a day), not only did my impression of the company changed completely, I am also confident that I am able to passed them all in first sits and at the same time be a safe pilot.

The course was conducted in a friendly environment. You can ask questions anytime and there are a lot of interactions. The tutors are experienced commercial pilots who will share with you their real life experiences and techniques that improves your skills and even tips to pass your skill tests or ATPL exams. Yes, for those who want to become a commercial pilot, you should definitely do the course with TGC, coz they will share with you inside stories of airlines that might have changed your perceptions.

Besides the academic side of it, this course is also a chance for you to meet people of different backgrounds, from bankers to ex-military to air cadets scholar. We met up after class, with the instructors, and dined together. It's a week that I will never forget. 

Finishing 9 exams in 4 days is not easy, it requires nothing but commitment and hard work. But it is definitely not impossible and achievable with the help of TGC's staff.

Lastly, if you are expecting a easy-peasy theory course, or one that merely teach you question-spotting techniques, without knowing the subjects thoroughly, that you might as well find someone else.

But if you looking for quality teaching in a sociable environment and actually wanting to get something out of it to make you a safe pilot, not just passing the exams, this is the course for you.

And thank you Adam, Step and Ben. Will definitely update you with my progress and look forward to having some practical flying lessons with you.

David Irving

Just completed my EASA PPL exams with The Great Circle.  I have a busy work schedule so TGC arranged 1-on-1 tuition over three weekends. 

Adam is a superb teacher and has great energy which made it very enjoyable and memorable. Combined with his commercial aviation experience and other interests, I learned so much more than the syllabus requires and feel that I will be a safer pilot as a result. 

Would highly recommend TGC to anyone who wants to really understand the PPL theory and to sit their exams with confidence.

Katrina Lally

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Adam, and Ben for such a great but tough week. 

You created such a welcoming environment and made the week thoroughly enjoyable, despite the breadth of work we had to cover. It was so rewarding to put it all into practise today, and do my first solo nav flight. It's certainly been a week and weekend of flying!! 

The course didn't just train me to pass the exams, it made me a better pilot in all aspects of safety, good pilot practise, and general flying performance.

 Many thanks for all your help!

Omer Sheikh

Joined the PPL exam fast track on the 23rd of feb at Heathrow!

I must say Adam, Ben and Stephanie were very friendly and amazing! It definitely built up my confidence doing the exam and flying in the real world! 

9 exams in 4 days with the morning classes till night is not easy, hats off to Adam and Ben for teaching us and helping us whenever we struggled!

And a big thank you to Stephanie who kept fueling us with chocolates and coffee to keep us going! Would definitely recommend it to other people who struggle learning by themselves or who do not have time to study at all due to work! Thank you once again! Hope to see you guys soon! ☺️

Mark Jobling

Highly recommended. Knowledgable and experienced instructors, with the patience to take time & make sure you understand.Not just exam preppers, you will understand the subject.

Sigbjorn Lien Botten

Hi everybody, I went to The Great Circle for my PPL ground school a couple months ago. 

I did attend the fast track course at Heathrow. I would really recommend this school to every future PPL pilots! The instructors are fantastic, and with thousands of hours with experience. 

Adam and Ben have both excellent skill to teach you new stuff, and also to get you to understand the material. Steph is also doing a wonderful job regarding bookings and all the formalities you need. 

I would highly recommend this school to everybody!

The staff are super friendly and helpful. I would be more than happy to answers question from anybody regarding this school. 


Ali Ihsan

The right place and the right flying school. They have a friendship, verging on family ethos. Brilliant!

Alistair Barnes

I can thoroughly recommend this flight training ground school. To say it changed my life is an understatement! Excellent tutors and support throughout the course. 

There knowledge and experience is second to none. Really enjoyed my week and happy to say passed all my exams.

Not only will it teach you the main principles of aviation it will make you a better and safer pilot. Hats off to Adam, Ben and Stephanie for an excellent and well run course. 

Thoroughly recommend The Great Circle.

Job well done guys. 

ATB Ali. x

Simon Phillips

A really professional approach to ground school and delivered very well. 

Adam, Ben and Steph are all very knowledgeable and made some tough subjects easy to understand. 

Highly recommended!

Susan Mavor

I just wanted to thank you all for an amazing week last week. It was extremely challenging but hugely enjoyable at the same time and I appreciate your support and guidance throughout the week. 

I wish you continued success with the business and hopefully our paths will cross again.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to others.

Mark Keely

I attended the 5 day PPL Ground School in June after recommendations from fellow student pilots. I cannot recommend this course highly enough, all of the instructors and examiners were knowledgeable, friendly and really good at getting the learning material across.

Aside from the course content, it is also a great opportunity to draw on the many hours of combined flying experience possessed by the instructors(who are pilots themselves).

I would also recommend staying in Harrogate for the duration of the course, it's a great place to explore and unwind.

Patrick Isdahl-Engh

This school has it all. Great teachers, a complete and understanding course(s), in this case, from my backround who had no experience at all from flying they made this PPL-A exam an incredible experience for the rest of my life. I would personally recommend this school to all of my friends and others who will fulfill their flying dream. Great stuff!

Fabriece Sumuni

I didn't know what to expect when I went to Harrogate for my PPL-A. But I have to say that the level of professionalism and knowledge they have is second to none. The course was fun and inspiring backed up by the experience of the instructors. I would definitely recommend it to any one who has aspiring dreams of being a pilot.

Sardar Darzi

I definitely recommend The Great Circle for your PPL theoretical exams.

As a foreign student i was a bit nervous when i went there because English is not my first language but I found the course easy and helpful , they really helped me to understand everything and I passed all 9 exams in 5 days . I had very enjoyable week in Harrogate . I would like to thank you Adam , Ben and Stephanie for your every single help.

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