Ground School

Course Prices

All prices quoted assume that the courses will be completed within the allotted time. This is always achievable when courses are undertaken on a Fast Track basis. Prices include VAT, course materials, examination fees and light refreshments throughout the day.

Course Paperwork

If a student has completed previous exams with another school they are required to bring evidence off this result to the course. This has to be done before we can sign any further exams off as completed.


Photographic identification is required prior to commencing any course offered by The Great Circle, ideally this should be a Passport or Driving Licence. If in doubt, please ask well in advance of the start of the course for information regarding suitable forms of identification.


All Ground School courses must be paid for in full and in advance of starting the course. Please do not book any hotels, flight or make travel arrangements prior to securing your place on the course first, and are in receipt of your official booking confirmation from The Great Circle.

If for any reason you are unable to attend for your course, we will endeavour to place you on the next available course only, subject to a minimum of 14 days advance notice of cancellation.

Payment for courses can be made by Bank transfer, Debit card or Cash.

* Funds must be cleared at least 3 working days prior to commencement of any training.

* We do not offer credit facilities or payment plans.

Course Completion Times

All published prices on this web site assume that the course will be completed within the allotted time frame stated in the course descriptions. Experience shows that Fast Track courses invariably lead to people completing their course in minimum time, consequently, the projected times for course completion are accurate. The customer is at all times responsible for ensuring that their examinations are completed on time and in-line with the UK CAA guidelines.

Should an individual require further training to complete a course, then The Great Circle will endeavour, in line with our 'Fast Track' ethos, to ensure that this additional training is completed at a time convenient to both parties with minimal delay, but always paying strict attention to the UK CAA guidelines relating to additional study and remedial training.

In the event of any unforeseeable problems, The Great Circle will make all reasonable efforts to ensure the course is completed with minimal disruption.

The Great Circle will take no responsibility in the event of any delays relating to the customer.


Refunds for courses will be considered when a candidate has failed 3 successive examinations in any one subject. The refund will be for the examination fee(s) only, currently charged at £20 per subject. Any remedial training will be provided free of charge between examination attempts. Examination attempts are by permission of the head of training only.

No refunds are provided for 1 to 1 courses, but will be provided with 14 days written notice for other courses. We may, in exceptional circumstances, offer you a place on an alternative course and subject to availability, should you need to cancel your course. Please contact us without delay.

Examination Resits

Having taken a course with The Great Circle and subsequently failed an examination, you will be invited back free of charge on our next available course with a view to re-sitting an examination. The United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority recommend a minimum of a 2 week revision period between examination resits. The Great Circle will provide free tuition and examination for one further sitting only. Where examinations have been passed previously and a candidate times out, we cannot offer a free tuition and resit service.

Daily Start and Finish Times

The Great Circle will endeavour to complete your course within the published time. Our courses start promptly at 8.30am each day and conclude at approximately 5.30pm. Finish times do vary and are subject to individual and class progression. No additional charges are made for extra time required at the end of the day.

It is of paramount importance that you are punctual for each course and leave yourself plenty of time to find the course venue and settle in. To minimise disruption for others, the examiner reserves the right to refuse admittance on to any course if your late arrival exceeds 20 minutes, unless this has been previously agreed. In the event that this should happen The Great Circle, at its discretion, may offer a place on an alternative course.

Educational Requirements

Due to the intensive nature of our courses, we require that a candidate achieves a minimum of a Level 4 in Aviation English as dictated by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). Basic numeracy skills are also necessary. Candidates who fail to meet these requirements, at our discretion, may still be admitted on to the course but may be advised against taking any examinations at the end of the course.


The Great Circle treats all of its clients with respect whether communicating through email, telephone or in person. Under no circumstances whatsoever will we tolerate any abuse towards our staff or others. Combative behaviour is completely unacceptable and will result in your immediate withdrawal from the course. The nature of our programmes demand that our clients behave in a manner that is conducive to learning and ultimately, flight safety.

Please note that when attending our course you are fit, well-rested and free from any other type of personal distraction, as this may have a detrimental effect on your learning and course completion time. We are unable to accept anyone exhibiting any cold, flu, or other viral like symptoms. Should you develop these upon arrival, or whilst studying with us, we will endeavour to accommodate you on another course.

We reserve the right to report any combative behaviour to our attached Special Branch unit, the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority and other training providers. This could have a detrimental effect on obtaining subsequent training and ultimately, licence issue.