PPL Aeroplane Exams in 5 Days

Fast Track PPL Aeroplane Exams in 5 Days

The Great Circles 9 PPL Ground School Courses over 5 Days is by far our most popular course to date. In just 5 days, you will have completed all your PPL theoretical knowledge examinations and be ready to return to your flying school to complete your licence!

You will learn the key aspects of all the ground school theory subjects and appreciate why these subjects are a vital part of any pilots training. Contrary to popular belief, the subjects are not dry and boring. They are both interesting and thought provoking. A good understanding of all aspects of the PPL syllabus will stand you in good stead when you take to the skies with your friends and family.

All of our courses are delivered by extremely talented, patient and enthusiastic instructors who are both qualified teachers and professional pilots with a wealth of operational experience. We care about your needs and particular learning style. Ultimately we pledge to work with you for as long as it takes to get you through your examinations.

Our fabulous team have worked incredibly hard over the years and allow us to boast a 100% pass rate in all our PPL Ground School courses to date. If you don't pass, your examination fee(s) are refunded! What have you got to lose?

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Course Information

Course Overview

Structured, high quality lectures covering all aspects of the PPL Aeroplane syllabus.


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  • Law & Ops
  • Human Factors
  • POF & AGK
  • Communications
  • Meteorology
  • Nav & Flight Planning
Special Offer

Special Offer

Live more than 50 miles away from us? You could receive up to £149 off the course price towards your travel & accommodation!

Course Dates:

Halifax: 7th January

Halifax: 11th February

Course Price:

All 9 Subjects: £999

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