PPL Exams: 4 Days (1 to 1 Tuition)

NOTICE: PPL examinations will be going online with the CAA in July 2020. It is expected that further study and large expansion of syllabus (possibly including Commercial material) will cause both examination fees and study time to increase considerably.

Pass your exams with The Great Circle now to avoid these extra expenses and increase in study time. Courses are filling up quickly, so book now to avoid disappointment.

1 to 1 PPL Ground School & Exams in 4 Days

The Great Circles 1 to 1 Ground School is specifically designed for those of you who are short of time and unable to attend our advertised courses. We understand the pressures that 21st century living brings. Consequently many people find themselves still trying to get that elusive Pilots Licence years after they started it!

 Dedicated 1 to 1 instruction ensures you get exactly what you need to complete your PPL Exams in minimum time. 


    •    Air Law
    •    Meteorology
    •    Human Performance & Limitations
    •    Navigation
    •    Aircraft General Knowledge
    •    Operational Procedures

    •    Flight Performance & Planning
    •    Principles of Flight
    •    Communications

You will learn the key aspects of all the ground school theory subjects and appreciate why these subjects are a vital part of any pilots training. Contrary to popular belief, the subjects are not dry and boring. They are both interesting and thought provoking. A good understanding of all aspects of the PPL Exams syllabus will stand you in good stead when you take to the skies with your friends and family.

All of our courses are delivered by extremely talented, patient and enthusiastic instructors who are both qualified teachers and professional pilots with a wealth of operational experience. We care about your needs and particular learning style. Ultimately we pledge to work with you for as long as it takes to get you through your examinations.

Our fabulous team have worked incredibly hard over the years and allow us to boast a 100% pass rate in all our PPL Ground School courses to date. If you don't pass, your examination fee(s) are refunded! What have you got to lose?

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Think you live too far away from our training venue? Read our article 'Don't let distance stop you getting the best Ground School'.

air ambulance  We donate a proportion of your course fee to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

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Course Overview

Structured, high quality lectures covering all aspects of the PPL Aeroplane or Helicopter syllabus.


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  • Law & Ops
  • Human Factors
  • POF & AGK
  • Communications
  • Meteorology
  • Nav & Flight Planning
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Special Offer

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