National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL)

NPPL National Private Pilots Licence 3 Weeks: Aeroplanes

The Great Circles Fast Track NPPL is a course that will lead to a licence which is more straight forward to achieve and easier to maintain than the standard EASA PPL.

The NPPL is aimed at recreational pilots who wish to fly within the UK during the daytime. In the light of this, it has a lower minimum hours requirement than the EASA PPL licence. It also differs in the medical requirements, which are now signed off by your own GP rather than by a specialist Aviation Medical Examiner.

Since the NPPL is a national licence only, you cannot currently use it to fly outside the UK. You cannot add night or instrument ratings to an NPPL either, but you can credit 30 hours of your training time towards an EASA PPL if you wish to move on to that licence later, as long as all your instruction was carried out by an EASA instructor initially.

All of our courses are delivered by extremely talented, patient and enthusiastic instructors who are both qualified teachers and professional pilots with a wealth of operational experience. We care about your needs and particular learning style.

Our fabulous team have worked incredibly hard over the years to allow us to boast a high first time pass rate in all flight tests to date.

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Structured, high quality training with Professional Pilots.


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  • Aircraft Type
  • 22 hrs Dual Inst
  • 10 hrs Solo
  • Cross Country
  • Navigation Test
  • Skills Test
Special Offer

Special Offer

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Course Dates:

2nd March 2020

Course Price:

NPPL: £185.00 Per hour

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