Introduction to Mathematics

So you might be thinking why is a specialist aviation company into maths? Well, its founder and a few other members of staff are actually mathematicians as well as pilots, some having served at the proverbial chalk face in schools, colleges and universities, for many years.

Having witnessed the rapid decline in school budgets, with many schools opting to become academies, to save money, and the decline in teaching standards, particularly in maths, is rather worrying. Less than half (47%) of maths teachers have a relevant degree, let alone a maths degree, and 25% of maths teachers, hold no post A-Level qualification. Yes the support assistants and cover supervisors in many schools, are now being used as teachers because they’re cheap. With a 10 year pay freeze on teacher salaries, it’s little wonder that staff moral in schools is at an all time low, and talented graduates are shunning the profession.

So, The Great Circle is delighted to announce that as of October 2019, we will be offering specialist revision courses for those studying either GCSE or A-Level maths qualifications.

Qualified teachers, qualified pilots, qualified business leaders; teaching your children! Our staff have been out there and done it, we teach for a living and put maths to use every single day in a myriad of different scenarios. There’s no-one more qualified than us to deliver a maths curriculum with the enthusiasm and inspiration that’s required, to give your child the head start they deserve in todays highly competitive market. It’s one thing being able to do maths, it's quite another being able to use it and apply it.

We’re not just another maths tuition school. The world has more than its fair share of those, most with a majority of staff who are either unqualified, or are not subject specialists. We are. We have extensive teaching, management and curriculum development experience in Schools, Colleges and Universities. Our staff are highly skilled and well versed in the art of producing learning resources and materials, as well as teaching in a manner that accommodates all learning styles.

What do we do?

    •    Private 1 to 1 Tuition

    •    GCSE Mathematics 5 Day Courses

    •    A-Level Mathematics 5 Day Courses

Having a combined teaching experience that spans a whole century in some of the best academic establishments, we have seen the benefits and pitfalls of qualification and syllabus changes. Our staff are dynamic forward-thinking individuals that are very much in touch with the latest requirements from examination boards, school entrance examinations, as well as career progression numeracy based tests.

Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. You’ll be glad you did!