A-Level Mathematics: 5 Day Revision Course

Our 5 day A-Level Maths course aims to give you confidence in applying your mathematical skills, knowledge and understanding to help you get the best results in your maths exam.

During our maths revision course you will take part in a range of activities, from teacher-led activities to student-led work. The revision will take account of your predicted and target grades to provide a setting that promotes confidence and challenges.

Course Description

Each course will cover a core range of topics selected from the list below. Days 1 & 2 cover year 1 or  AS-Level material, and days 3 to 5 cover year 2 material. Students studying just AS-Level Maths, would only be required to attend on days 1 & 2.


    •    Algebraic Methods
    •    Graphs & Transformations
    •    Binomial Expansion
    •    Trigonometry
    •    Vectors
    •    Differentiation
    •    Integration
    •    Exponentials & Logarithms
    •    Sequences & Series
    •    Parametric Equations
    •    Numerical Methods


    •    Measures of Location & Spread
    •    Representations of Data
    •    Correlation
    •    Regression
    •    Probability
    •    Statistical Distributions
    •    Hypothesis Testing


    •    Modelling
    •    Moments
    •    Acceleration
    •    Forces & Motion
    •    Variable Acceleration
    •    Projectiles
    •    Kinematics

Class Sizes & Staff

Very small class sizes, 6 students maximum. Patient, dedicated and enthusiastic teachers ensure your child gets the most out of their time spent with us. All staff at TGC are dynamic subject specialists, with a good degree in a relevant subject, usually Mathematics, and a post-graduate teaching qualification backed up with years of teaching and assessment experience.

At TGC, we’re extremely passionate about all things education and ensuring that your child realises their potential and thereby maximise their chances of success in the A-level exams. We believe performance is all about confidence, and understanding its relevance and application when it comes to examinations. Confidence, motivation and a solid work ethic are the key ingredients to exam success. At TGC, we have it in abundance!

Course Information

Course Overview

Structured 5 day course covering all of the A-level Maths syllabus.


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  • Core 1
  • Core 2
  • Statistics 1
  • Statistics 2
  • Mechanics 1
  • Mechanics 2
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Special Offer

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Course Dates:

27th December 2019

17th February 2020

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