PPL Ground School FAQs

PPL Ground School Courses

‘What is Fast Track Ground School’?

Fast Track simply means that the course is undertaken on a more intensive basis. These courses are primarily designed for those short of time, which lets face it, is most of us! The PPL Ground School courses are designed to last one day with the examination taken at the end. Typical start and finish times are 8.30am to 5.30pm with a morning, lunch and afternoon break.

‘Do most people come to complete all 9 subjects in 5 days’?

This depends on the individual. The vast majority of people take all 9 courses and pass them first time, but remember, these are bespoke courses designed to work for you. Most people come to see us because they are either short of time, can't absorb the material by reading a book, or just fed up of juggling working life, family and learning to fly. So you choose how many subjects you want to study and we'll do the rest.

'I've seen another organisation that is cheaper, will you price match'?

No we will not. There's a reason they are cheaper than us, it's because they have to be. Usually, you’re required to buy and read their material before attending, essentially teaching yourself, and their taught courses simply fill in the gaps, so they’re not teaching you much. Many of our competitors end up being much more expensive in the long run as they simply don't provide the quality of courses that we do, resulting in you having to invest more money and time both on the ground and in the air. We employ the very best staff and provide facilities, training resources and after sales support, that is unrivalled. We don't ever compromise on price and you wouldn't want us to, what would that say about us as a business if we did? Take a look at our article 'why Choose Us'.

‘I left school years ago and without many qualifications, will I find it difficult’?

This is a question asked by many people prior to starting our Ground School. The answer is an emphatic 'no' you will not. Our courses are taught by qualified teachers and flying instructors who have a wealth of experience working with people across the age and ability range. Patience, dedication and enthusiasm are hall marks of our success to date.

‘What will I get out of it’?

Obviously, all of the examinations which is necessary for the award of the Private Pilots Licence (PPL) as well as a great deal of satisfaction and a detailed understanding of the key elements of PPL Aviation Theory. This knowledge can be further applied to the natural sciences and would serve you well should you decide to embark upon such courses with colleges or universities in the future, or indeed a Commercial Pilots Licence course.

‘How big are your classes’?

A maximum of 4 students with 2 instructors, sometimes class sizes are as small as 2. Teaching very small groups ensures that you dictate the pace and get the most out of your time with us. We also provide bespoke one to one courses; but experience has shown us that you will get the most out of working alongside someone else. They may even be someone to socialise with during your ground school holiday! We will spend additional one to one time with any student that requires it in order to ensure you take your exam with confidence.

‘How will the course(s) be delivered’?

We pride ourselves on delivering a first class training program. To achieve this we use qualified professionals and state of the art ICT. The lecture format is via high quality, industry leading presentations. You will be provided with lecture notes which are duplicates of the presentation itself. This method of delivery is highly desirable as it eliminates the need to take notes, thereby enabling you to focus fully on the lecture. There are also times when we defer to good old fashioned ‘chalk and talk’, where it is preferable and indeed necessary.

‘What are your pass rates’?

We have worked incredibly hard over the last 15 years and we can boast that 98% of our clients pass their exams on their first attempt, and just 2% need to re-sit. We have never had anyone take a third exam.

‘What if I fail an exam’?

In the highly unlikely event that you do, you will be invited on to the next available course and given free tuition and a free examination. We’re very fair at The Great Circle, and your success is our success!

‘Where is your training venue’?

We run courses each month in the the beautiful town of Halifax, West Yorkshire. Our venue is very close to the town centre, within 0.5 miles. There are good rail and motorway links and the closest airports are Leeds & Manchester respectively. The courses are delivered in a delightful, large and comfortable victorian period property with plenty of facilities for both work and relaxation. Light refreshments are included in your course price.

‘Is there accommodation nearby’?

There are a number of very nice local b&b’s and hotels within 15 mins walk of our training facility. Accommodation can be sought from as little as £35 per night.

‘Is there parking available’?

Yes, both private and on-street.

‘Is there anything to do on an evening’?

You will be spoilt for choice with pubs, restaurants and theatres in Halifax as well as the famous and newly regenerated Piece Hall and Dean Clough Mills. The lovely areas of Sowerby Bridge and Hebden Bridge are also very close by should you fancy a stroll by the canal side and dinner.

‘How far in advance do I have to book’?

The sooner the better. Due to flight training and scheduling, we only release Ground School course dates two months in advance. For this reason, courses tend to fill up quickly. Please do not book your hotel and arrange time off from work without booking with us first and receiving your course confirmation email.

‘I have a disability, what provisions are made’?

We make every effort to accommodate students with disabilities but it is imperative you contact us in advance to advise us. All entrances, elevators (where applicable), work areas, refreshment areas and conveniences are designed for wheelchair access. If you have any special requirements, please just contact us well in advance so that we can try to accommodate your requirements.