IMC Rating Revalidation & Renewal

IMC Rating Revalidation & Renewal

An IMC Rating is valid for 25 months


Please remember that to carry passengers, you must have completed at least 3 take-offs and 3 landings in the last 90 days on class as the sole manipulator of the controls.


The IMC Rating will be re-validated by revalidation Flight Test, and will comprise of the following items from the IMC Initial Flight Test:

• Limited Panel Instrument Flying. (i.e. assuming failure of the gyroscopic pitch and bank indicator and the gyroscopic direction indicator): Straight and level flight, climbing and descending, turns onto given headings, recovery from unusual attitudes.

• Let-down and Approach Procedures. Let down and approach to Decision Height, and missed approach procedure using a pilot-interpreted aid, carry out a recognised instrument approach procedure to decision height, thence the appropriate go-around and missed approach procedure.

• Bad weather Circuits. Bad weather circuit and landing following item (b), position the aircraft in the circuit at the direction of the Examiner, to carry out a visual bad weather circuit and landing under specified simulated weather conditions.

The type of approach aid used must be entered in the log book.


If you allow your IMC rating to lapse you will need to speak to an Examiner to ascertain what you require to renew the rating. The minimum requirement will be an initial issue IMC Rating Flight Test with an examiner.

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