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Simulator Assessment 1 Day: Aeroplanes

Congratulations you're just one flight away from your dream job!

After a successful interview, you will be invited for a simulator assessment on one of the Airlines full motion simulators. At this point the Airline are 'spending money' on you. So all you need to do is show them that you can fly? Not exactly! They know you can fly, you wouldn't have had an interview in the first place if you couldn't.

What they are looking for is your ability to fly something you've never flown before and show progress after repeating the exercise. Experience shows that this final stage often ends in disaster for candidates who jump into a Boeing 737 after only having flown a Seneca for 25 hours! After all, there's a bit of a difference between the two. Don't listen to those that tell you it's 'just a big PA-28', nothing could be further from the truth.

Let our experienced Airline Captains and Type Rating Instructors teach you how to fly the very same aircraft that you'll be taking your assessment on, even the exact same profiles used by that Airline! Experience shows that candidates who have just 2 hours on a full motion simulator prior to their assessment are much more likely to pass.

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Whether it's a Turbo Prop or a Jet, The Great Circle has access to an impressive number of full motion flight simulators around the world. From the Airbus A320 to the A380, from the Boeing 737 to the 787, let us show you how. After all, some people just know how to fly!


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  • Flight Deck
  • Checklists
  • SIDs
  • Handling
  • STARs
  • Landings
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Special Offer

Discounts for 2 or more hours. Call for more information. Save money and time, pass your interview and simulator assessment first time with confidence!

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