Airline Pilot Appointment Preparation

Appointment Preparation 1 Day: Aeroplanes

So, you've just got your Frozen ATPL. Congratulations!

After all the hard work and expense, it would be nice to think that the Airlines would be beating a path to your front door to offer you a position in the right hand seat of their shiny new Airbus. Sadly in todays market, that's not the case. The harsh reality is that there are simply too few jobs and too many qualified the moment.

Do not despair though. The Airline Pilot job market is very cyclical and your dream job might be just around the corner. With the recession nearly over, it's only a matter of time before the Airlines will be hiring again. Make sure you're ready when they do!

The Great Circles 'Appointment Preparation' program will ensure that you acquire all the necessary skills to enable you to apply for that job with confidence.

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Structured, high quality presentations covering all aspects of the professional Pilot application process. Delivered by Airline Captains and HR teams, no one else is better equipped to help you land that dream job!


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  • Lifestyle
  • Which Airline?
  • First Contact
  • Not any C.V.
  • Screening
  • The Interview
Special Offer

Special Offer

Enrol for 2 Career Pathway courses and save £100! Save money and time, pass your interview and simulator assessment first time with confidence!

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Appointment Preparation: £299.00

2 Courses £499.00

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