Gold Course: Learn to Design, Build & Maintain a UAV.

Gold Course Learn to Design, Build & Maintain a UAV.

Building your own UAV is enormously satisfying, rewarding and ultimately very cost effective. Learn everything you need to know to build a UAV from its component parts to taking it on its maiden flight!

Cameras and some tips on photography and videography are also discussed. Gimbal technologies for common camera types are also considered.

Ground Station set up and a thorough introduction to FPV (First Person View) and the different technologies are discussed. The course culminates with an extremely enjoyable test flight and a demonstration FPV flight.

Our courses are designed specifically for the complete beginner who wishes to gain a technical and safe practical insight into UAV Piloting. No technical knowledge is required, but a willingness to learn is essential.

Our build and fly Gold 1 day course takes you through the ABC’s of the aircrafts component parts and lab safety, throughout to UAV construction, test and its first flight. Go home with a ready to fly UAV armed with a great deal of technical skill!

Our popular Gold course includes:

Our popular Gold course includes:

Theoretical Knowledge & UAV Assembly:

    •    Airframes
    •    Aerodynamics
    •    Safety Guidance
    •    Speed Controllers
    •    Motors
    •    Flight Controllers/Auto-Pilot
    •    Radio Transmitters & Receivers
    •    Batteries & Safe Charging Procedures
    •    UK Regulations
    •    Cameras
    •    Gimbals
    •    FPV (First Person View) Technologies *
    •    Antennae Performance *
    •    Batteries & Charging Procedures *

Flight Testing:

    •    Pre-Flight Checks
    •    Start-Up
    •    Flying (general handling)
    •    Emergency Procedures
    •    Auto-Pilot Flight Modes
    •    Automatic Way-Point Following *
    •    Fail-Safe Mode
    •    FPV Set-Up *
    •    FPV Flight Operations *
    •    Landing
    •    Shut-Down


    •    Quadcopter (Inclusive of frame, speed controllers and motors)
    •    Auto-Pilot
    •    Flight Controller
    •    Battery & Charger
    •    Radio Handset
    •    Spare Propellors
    •    Gimbal
    •    Camera
    •    FPV Monitor or Goggles *
    •    Video Transmitter *
    •    Video Receiver *
    •    Antennae *

* Gold Course additions over our popular Bronze & Silver Courses.

Tea, Coffee & Light Refreshments!

All of our courses are delivered by extremely talented, patient and enthusiastic instructors who are both qualified teachers, professional pilots and engineers with a wealth of operational experience. We care about your needs and particular learning style.

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Course Overview

Structured high quality lectures & practical covering all aspects of designing, building and maintaining a UAV.


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  • Rotary UAVs
  • Lab Safety
  • Aerodynamics
  • Electrics
  • UAV Build
  • UAV Flight Test
Special Offer

Special Offer

Enrol for any UAV build & fly course and save a whopping £100 on our UACE Theoretical Knowledge course prices! Save money and time, build your own UAV and maintain or repair it with confidence!

Course Dates:

Preston: September

Course Price:

Bronze Course: £999.00

Silver Course: £1,299.00

Gold Course: £1,499.00

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