PPL Theory for Norwegian Students

Please note the information contained on this page applies only to Norwegian students who wish to sit PPL Theoretical Knowledge examinations in the United Kingdom.

Earlier this year the Norwegian CAA published an information notice amending their acceptance criteria for these examinations, which reads:

Theory education done in foreign EASA country is accepted in Norway. It is, however, that the education is approved by their own respective authorities in their own country due to the requirements of Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1178/2011. CAA-N will decline any applications where the demands to theory education is not fulfilled.

The demands for theory education for PPL and LAPL is written regulations on certification of crew member of 28 November 2015 (BSL C 01/01), Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1178/2011 FCL.210, with associated AMC1 FCL.210; FCL.215. This states that theory education for PPL shall be a minimum of 100 hours. This shall include classroom teaching and can possibly be combined with distance education.

Students that choose to take their education outside Norway must insure themselves that the course they take, meet regulatory requirements. The school should be able to document that their course does meets the regulatory requirements and by any doubt encouraged students to contact CAA-N.

If the CAA-N suspect that theory education is not conducted in accordance with the regulations, the CAA-N will delay acceptance of the examination until it is clear the education is carried according to regulations.

The Great Circle is a UK CAA approved registered training facility offering EASA PPL Theoretical Knowledge courses and examinations.

We are delighted to announce that our courses are fully compliant with the recent changes specified above in (EC) No. 1178/2011 , specifically:

1) 100 hours total study. This can be a combination of both formal classroom based study and individual private study.

2) The school you attend must be approved by their respective national authority. The Great Circle is approved by the UK CAA (OCP 2209).

3) We provide all of our students with a comprehensive training program that demonstrates to the authorities of any EASA member state that their criteria has been satisfied. You will be provided with detailed training documentation to verify this.

We have trained many Norwegian students in the past and continue to do so each month. Many have gone on to obtain licences and even become professional Pilots, flying for major airlines globally! Feel free to browse our courses, we look forward to working with you soon and helping you realise your dream of becoming a Pilot!

For feedback from our previous Norwegian students and verification of our training programs and their acceptibility in Norway, please also see comments posted on our facebook pages: