Mobile PPL Ground School

Fast Track Mobile Ground School: 1 to 5 Days for Aeroplanes & Helicopters

The Great Circles Fast Track Mobile Ground School is a unique new service specifically designed for those of you who are short of time and unable to attend our courses.

We understand the pressures that 21st century living brings. Family commitments, work, business and social lives...they all play a major roll in our lives. Consequently many people find themselves still trying to get that elusive Pilots Licence or Rating some 6 months to 3 years after they started it!

Our Mobile PPL & ATPL Ground School Programmes are specifically targeted at individuals who simply cannot take 5 days off from work and family to complete their Ground School. The Great Circles will appoint an instructor to visit you at your chosen location to provide bespoke PPL or ATPL Ground School training.

Dedicated 1 to 1 instruction ensures you get exactly what you need to complete your PPL or ATPL examinations in minimum time. Upon completion of your training, you will be invited to our training centre to complete the exam(s), enabling you to finish your Flight Training in a timely and cost effective manner.

No more worrying about when you're going to get it all done. Pick up the phone, we're on our way!

Please note there is a minimum booking of 4 subjects for our Mobile Ground School courses.

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We provide training to complete the EASA NPPL, PPL(A), IMC & MEP examinations. We also provide taught and bespoke courses for ATPL(A) students. Please see our Fast Track ATPL Ground School courses pages for details.


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Special Offer

Special Offer

Enrol for all 9 subjects over 5 days and save a whopping £442 on individual course prices! Save money and time, pass your PPL Ground School exams first time with confidence!

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