Fascinating Mathematics Courses. We're full of bright ideas!

Brand New Fascinating Mathematics Courses

The Great Circle is delighted to announce that as of September 2017, we will be offering an array of brand new Mathematics courses for everyone.

Let’s start here: We’re not just another maths tuition school. The world has more than its fair share of those!

What do we do?

The Maths Company specialises in:

    •    Promoting the importance of Mathematics

    •    Mathematics Education at Primary Level

    •    Adult numeracy improvement

    •    School entrance examinations

    •    GCSE Mathematics

    •    A-Level Mathematics

    •    Summer School Programmes

    •    Mathematical Modelling

    •    Consultancy

We have extensive teaching, management and curriculum development experience in Schools, Colleges and Universities. Our staff are highly skilled and well versed in the art of producing learning resources and materials, as well as teaching in a manner that accommodates all learning styles.

Having a combined teaching experience that spans a whole century in some of the best academic establishments, we have seen the benefits and pitfalls of qualification and syllabus changes. Our staff are dynamic forward-thinking individuals that are very much in touch with the latest requirements from examination boards, school entrance examinations as well as career progression numeracy based tests.

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