UACE Part 1: Pilot Theoretical Knowledge Course.

Unmanned Aviator Certificate of Expertise (UACE): 2 Days (Part 1)

The aim of our UACE course is to equip unmanned pilots and staff involved in their flight operations with the necessary skills to conduct unmanned flight safely in any environment in which they wish to operate.

Our UACE course provides a recognised qualification for those wishing to do Visual Line Of Sight (VLOS) or Extended-VLOS(E-VLOS) Aerial Work. It is specifically targeted at UAV/RPAS whose Maximum Take-Off Mass does not exceed 20kg.

The Great Circles UACE Pilot Theoretical Knowledge course (Part 1) over 2 days is our most popular Drone course to date. Our course includes a comprehensive set of lectures covering the entire syllabus making use of state-of-the-art technology. We provide industry leading lecture notes, training materials, equipment and light refreshments throughout the day.

You will also learn the principles of designing and constructing an Operations Manual, a detailed document covering all aspects of Aircraft Specifications, Operational Parameters, Flight Planning & Preparation, Aerial Work Operations, Check-Lists & Emergency Procedures.

In just 2 days, you will have completed all your Drone theoretical knowledge learning objectives and the UACE written examination, a vital component to gaining a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Commercial Aerial Work Permit.

You will learn the key aspects of all the ground school theory subjects and appreciate why these subjects are a vital part of any pilots training. Contrary to popular belief, the subjects are not dry and boring. They are both interesting and thought provoking. A good understanding of all aspects of the UACE syllabus will stand you in good stead when you remotely pilot your aircraft.


We oversee the writing, conduct, marking, results and feedback of all examinations in-house. The UACE Part 1 is formally assessed by a straight forward written examination consisting of 40 multiple choice questions which have to be answered within 1 hour; requiring a pass mark of 75%. This is taken on day 2.

Core Subjects

    •    Air Law
    •    Operational Procedures
    •    Human Performance
    •    Principles of Flight
    •    Navigation
    •    Meteorology
    •    Operations Manual Design
    •    Flight Operations
    •    Commercial Site Assessment
    •    Risk Assessment & Management

Course Information

Course Overview

Unmanned Aviator Certificate of Expertise (UACE): Part 1


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  • Air Law
  • Operations
  • Human Performance
  • Principles of Flight
  • Navigation
  • Meteorology
Special Offer

Special Offer

Enrol for our UACE Part 1 course and get a free Flight Assessment. This offer is valid only for the months March & April 2018!

Course Dates:

Halifax: 14th May - Full

Halifax: 18th June

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£1,199 inc VAT

Special Offer:

Includes UACE Part 2! March & April Only

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