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Pilot Maths: 1 or 2 Days for Aeroplanes & Helicopters

Are you struggling with your ATPL courses or do you feel you would benefit from a more 'in depth' analysis of the subject matter? Don’t let the Maths and number crunching get you down, become fast and efficient and pass the ATPL examinations first time!.

Sharpen your maths skills for your theoretical knowledge exams, interviews, as well as for the flight-deck! The Great Circles Pilot Maths course will teach you great tips for solving maths problems in your head without paper or calculator.

It almost goes without saying that all pilots eventually need to perform some type of maths calculation in their head while flying. Our course will help sharpen those mental skills and enable you to maintain better situational awareness.

Technology is continuously increasing in aircraft and pilots are becoming too reliant on it. They are therefore at risk of under-performing in a high stress situation. Our Pilot Maths course will teach you to quickly process complex problems while expanding mental acuity towards a wide range of practical maths problems frequently used in flight.

Quick recall and retention aids are provided for calculating temperature conversions, crosswind components, time-speed-distance problems, reciprocal headings, descent points and much more. Complex equations are explained in straightforward terms along with helpful tips, calculations and formulas to sharpen your mental maths skills and help keep you ahead of the game.

Whether you are preparing for a pilot interview, getting ready for a test, or just looking to enhance your aviation maths skills, let us help you become a more proficient pilot.

All of our courses are delivered by extremely talented, patient and enthusiastic instructors who are both qualified teachers and professional pilots with a wealth of operational experience. We care about your needs and tailor our courses to your particular learning style.

Please note this course runs at our Harrogate venue only.

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Structured, high quality lectures covering all aspects of ATPL Mathematics.


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  • Conversions
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Cross Winds
  • HDG,TK & GS
Special Offer

Special Offer

Enrol for our 1 day course and save £100 on one other ATPL Course! Save money and time, pass your ATPL Ground School exams first time with confidence!

Course Dates:

Halifax: 24th July

Course Price:

1 Day Course: £399.00

2 Day Course: £699.00

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